(Top 10) Best External Hard Disks Of 1 TB In India 2018

In the current situation, the things that you are fond of to are saved as files or folders. It can be anything such as movies, pictures, songs, and other software that are related to work and profession. Saving them to the external hard drive will help you carry all your data anywhere you go.

If you are looking for the best external hard disk drive, this 1TB hard disk list can certainly be of huge use for you to choose the best pick. It is obvious to stress about the selection of the best external hard disk but what might seem stressful and difficult to you is not that difficult. There is a solution to every problem, and there is a solution to this as well.

Things To Consider:

Consider the storage and size of the hard drive before purchasing an external hard disk. (The smaller size of the storage capacity indicates small storage space).

Consider the price, warranty, and security aspects while purchasing an external hard drive.

Top 10 Best External Hard Disks In India

With the ever-increasing data and data size, it is recommended to get a hard drive that has respectable storage space. The best external hard disk in India might be hard to find, but it has huge storage that can save all your data and files easily before you go for the next update. The external hard disks are considered as the best way to store the important data and files.

  1. Seagate 1TB Hard Drive Expansion Portable

This Hard Drive is one of the best products from the hard drive manufacturing company. It can be stated as the best external hard disk 1tb as it comes with a drive matte finish along with the pyramid-like pattern that gives it quite an attractive appearance.

This product is made of plastic, but still, the build quality from the Seagate brand is still quite amazing and tough. This hard drive is highly compact and lightweight and is amazingly portable.


  • This hard drive offers you an easy-to-use solution when you want to add on the storage to your computer and take files easily.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use storage solution as all you need to do is plug in a single USB cord and can start storing and saving the files to the hard drive within seconds of disclosing it from the box.
  • It adds to the storage capacity instantly such as digital pictures, videos, music files, etc. that can certainly tax the storage of your computer by causing to decline the performance of the internal hard drive.
  • It installs within a fraction of seconds.


  • It does not come with backup software of its own
  • Comes with a short warranty period.
  1. Toshiba Canvio 1TB External Basics Hard Disk

This is one of the most amazing options when it comes to choosing the best Hard disk in India. It has the looks and design that make it simply attractive and handy to take around.

Toshiba has an amazing built quality that it is giving at such an amazing price for the hard disk. It makes a good connection, and your laptop or computer can simply detect a hard disk immediately after injecting into the system.


  • This device has a USB connection that makes sure that data transfer velocity is carried out fast.
  • The lightweight and compact hard disks make carrying more convenient and easy.
  • You will not face any problem with heating issues while using this device.
  • This device will give you durability and its solid black built will make everyone go crazy.
  • You get an amazing speed during the file transferring process.


  • Does not stand up to the customer’s expectations because of its hanging problems.
  • Has a virus problem that slows down the computer systems.
  • It has less space than 1TB.


  1. WD Elements USB of 3.0 1TB Portable Hard Drive

The Portable Hard Drive can be considered as the best hard disk 1tb as it has a sleek design and an amazingly smooth finish to it that gives it the complete professional look.

The lightweight and compact hard disks make carrying it everywhere more convenient and easy. It does not have any problems related to compatibility. It has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Linux and the results were satisfying.

You get an amazing speed to transfer the files and data. If you want to use it with an Apple MacBook, you will have to reformat it completely. It will hardly take a few minutes and not more than that.


  • It comes with high-capacity storage and a sleek design.
  • It will provide you with a power up to the USB 3.0.
  • It can start working right after you take it out of the box with the windows PC. All you need to do is simply plug it into the USB cable to add the storage to it.


  • The body is made of plastic
  • The USB port is delicate and can break easily with prolonged use
  • Some of the cables can turn out to be defective.
  1. Lenovo External 1TB Hard Drive

The brand Lenovo has complete the mark in the manufacturing industry with almost all types of the electrical gadgets, and when you ask about the external hard drives, there isn’t any exception left to this for sure!

When you ask about the best 1tb external hard disk, this one might be the one! It is one of the most reliable products from the brand Lenovo that has amazing features, and the quality of the product is simply amazing.

It is complete with excellent class materials and with sturdy build quality. Things that make this hard drive different from other brands include the attractive look and the portability feature. It is both compact and lightweight which makes it easy to carry wherever you go.


  • This device is slim and sleek and comes in pure black and red designed body that makes it simply look amazing and attractive.
  • It has a soft-touch carry bag or pouch and a USB 3.0.1 connector cable along with it.
  • The design is high-quality, and the shell and desk of the device are made in such a way that they meet all your needs of data security requirements.
  • The cables are made of a supreme quality that ensures long-lasting feature.


  • Data transfer rate not impressive.
  • Quite expensive


  1. Seagate Backup External 1TB Portable Plus Slim Hard Drive

The External Portable Hard Drive is the best 1TB hard disk as it comes in a quite sleek design along with a simple matte finish on the body. It has a build quality of a solid type, and the drive is made of high-quality materials.

It is among the slimmest hard drives listed here in the article, and it can easily be carried in the shirt pocket. It has an amazing transferring speed that will help you transfer all your files and documents within seconds.

Even if you use it for hours, it will not have any heating issues as hard disk is made of high-quality material. It comes with an amazing USB cable that is made of a superior quality that will last long.


  • It has the smooth design and matte finish that makes it look attractive and unique in its way.
  • It is built with high-quality materials, and the price is simply amazing in which it is available in the market.
  • It comes with impressive transfer speed and a high-quality USB cable that can last a long life.
  • It will not give you any heating problems after regular usage.


  • Too expensive
  • The product does not explain its customers about the risks of purchasing the striped RAID array.


  1. My Passport WD 1TB External Portable Hard Drive

This is yet another amazing hard drive added to the list. It can be stated as the best external hard disk 1TB as it has some amazing quality features that made it steal the 6th spot in the list.

It offers an amazing read and writing speed that is exceptionally outstanding. It has the design and looks that make it simply attractive and handy to carry around. This hard drive is highly compact and lightweight and is amazingly portable.

It is one of the most reliable products from the brand that has amazing quality features, and the quality of this product is simply amazing. If you are looking for the top external hard disks in India, make sure you go through these top 10 hard disks.


  • It comes with a robust built quality that ensures you to stay with you in the long run.
  • It is lightweight and compact that makes sure you carry it with style and comfort wherever you go.
  • The speed of this device is simply amazing, and it is the only reason why this product is so recommended.
  • You do not get any issues related to compatibility of this product.
  • It is one of the best deals that you can have from the brand western digital.


  • Has really sharp edges and corners
  • Not as good as other cheap models


  1. Sony External 1TB Wired Hard Disk

This amazing is one of the great choices to buy that you are going to make in 2018. It has a glossy metallic finish on the body that makes it look attractive and superior to other products.

The device has a classy and premium look that you can see in its manufacturing itself. This device does not show any signs of heating over excessive usage. It comes with a high-quality USB cable that is made of high-quality build quality, and the brand ensures it to be highly durable as well.

It works like a charm with the bundled software while data are transferring. You would certainly not regret after buying this best external hard disk brand in India as it has loads of amazing features and specifications.


  • It has a beautiful sleek premium finish.
  • The software that is used for the data transfer efficiently for you.
  • The speed of file transfer is simply amazing and comes with amazing features of data security that will benefit you in some ways.
  • It will not show any heating issues after a prolonged period of usages.


  • The USB port is not compatible with the MAC OS
  • The USB might break with regular usage


  1. HP 1TB External Wired Hard Disk

The HP Hard Disk is among the top quality products listed in here from the brand named HP. It has a build quality and attractive design that can awe anyone.

It is exceptionally cheap, and anyone can afford it that is, running out of memory and wants to take benefits of external memory storage.

It can be given full marks as the best hard disk brand in India based on looks because of its metallic body with a matte finish. The shape of the device makes it lightweight and compact. You can easily carry out without any weight issues.


  • You can trust the brand HP when it comes to building quality.
  • It has an amazing elegant design and a smooth matte finish that makes it attractive.
  • The device will not show any heating issues after a prolonged period of usages.
  • The device comes with impressive transfer speed and a high-quality USB cable that can last a long life.


  • It gets smudged because of its design
  • Breakable port


  1. StoreJet Transcend 1TB External 25M3 Hard Disk

The Transcend StoreJet Hard Disk is considered as the best external hard disk 1TB in India as it has the amazing qualities that you might look for in the external Hard disk.

It has a matte finish that comes with a rubber coating that helps manage in giving an appealing look. It has got a rugged quality that makes sure that the device is durable and can handle all types of rough usages.

If you are looking for the top external hard disks in India, you need to check this one right now as it provides amazingly beneficial specifications when it comes to performance.


  • It has a swift speed of file transfer.
  • It has a shock-proof hard disk that can prevent you from all types of problems.
  • Does not heat up after a prolonged period of use.


  • The USB 3.0 cable is short
  • Pretty expensive


  1. Sony 1TB External Wired Hard Disk Green

This Sony External Hard Disk device is another amazing best hard disk 1TB system on the list that is from the brand as famous and trustworthy as Sony.

It is highly durable and long lasting because of its tough manufacturing. It is made of high-quality materials that make it go with you in the long run. It is highly portable and lightweight at the same time.


  • It makes look fashionable and attractive and keeps it chilly even after regular use for long hours.
  • It portable in all ways.
  • Lightweight and compact that can fit in your pocket.
  • Gives you good transfer speed.


  • The USB cable of this hard drive is made of average quality.
  • The USB port can break easily.



If you are searching for a decent 1TB hard disk that tends to handle all the extra loaded data you have for external storage, above is a list of 10 best external hard disks in India that is excellent in portability, efficient and quick data transfer, and reliable features when it comes to security.

This list consists of amazing external drive models from all the top brands worldwide. With the increasing need of storing data resources, everyone is looking for a storage device that can help them store an unlimited amount of data. The storage space that is provided in the laptops and computers do not fulfill the storage needs sufficiently.

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