Anker Power Core vs Astro: Which one is newest?

As the accessories of the smartphones like display,processor are getting better day by day,the battery of the smartphone is also getting bigger. This increased battery capacity needs a lot of charging which gives rise to the need of Power Banks. Anker is a good name in the power bank industry.

But in the current situation some chaos is existing because there are three series of anker battery banks available in the online market.

The situation becomes worse when some sellers try to sell astro 2nd and 3rd gen anker power banks as the latest anker power banks.

I would like to make one thing clear that Anker astro power banks are the oldest version of anker power bank. Then comes anker power core which is followed by Anker Power core+.

So,You can easily conclude that anker power core + is the latest version of anker power banks with the latest features like qualcomm quick charge and approximately the same price as the older anker power banks version. Thus you should buy latest anker power bank which is power core+(Recommended).


 As evident from the name,Astro 2 mini 3200 mAh has 3200 mAh capacity and Anker Powercore+ 3350 mAh has 3350 mAh capacity. Both the power banks are smaller in size. But Anker Powercore plus is the latest one having increased mAh capacity which is a strong boost to your smartphone’s battery capacity. Isnt it? You get increased battery capacity.

Another important thing that you might notice while purchasing anker battery packs is that anker astro 2 mini 3200 draws input current at a rating of 0.8 A. While Anker Powercore + being the latest.Power core plus have 1 A input charging rating which is a plus for user at approx same price.

Some more features that are available in power core+ are enhanced circuitry,better protection like overheating is less.

Due to the craze of older versions of power bank,Anker has not taken out its older versions of power bank like astro mini which leads to a state of ambiguity.

Thus I recommend you to buy Anker Power core+ as it has incersed features with approx. same price to buy.Hope you loved this guide to Anker Powercore vs Astro.

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