Anker Power Banks :The Ultimate Power Bank Buying Guide

The name Anker is a very common name in the online buying industry now a days. Anker manufactures car chargers,portable battery chargers ( also known as battery banks or power banks).Most of you might have heard the name of anker previously also .Even most people might be using various accessories that are manufactured by anker like Anker Power Banks.

Now a days,I have seen that many people are confused in chossing the Anker Power Banks products because a lot of different variety of anker power banks are available in market with different price ranges and different features. Here I will be discussing in depth about What are the various categories of Anker Power Banks that are available in the market,What is the correct price corresponding to that power bank and also a talk on the sellers that are selling these power banks on Amazon.

Anker has released a large variety of power banks in the market. I have seen people that are buying previous versions of Anker power banks that were released by Anker long time ago despite of the fact that a large variety of newer anker power banks are available in the market and people can grab these newer anker battery banks at the same price with a lot of extra added features.There are some sellers that are trying to sell their old power bank at the same increased prices too.

But,need not to worry.After reading this article all your queries about anker power banks will be cleared.

Anker Astro vs Anker Powercore+ difference and both Anker Power Banks Reviews

The Anker Astro 2nd gen E4 Power Bank has 13000 mAh (milli Ampere Hours) capacity. It has good battery capacity. But one thing that is not supported in Anker Astro e4 technology is that it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology which is a very very important feature as it can charge your phone pretty quickly. If you are having astro e4 power bank then you can charge your Samsung Galaaxy s5 approx 3 plus times. Anker Astro e4 is an older version of battery bank manufactured by Anker and do not support the fast charging feature which is used to charge the power bank faster.

Anker PowerCore+ 13400 Premium Portable Charger is among the latest battery banks that anker have produced in the times. Powercore+ have various new and exciting features.Unlike the power core series,astro e4 series power bank or any other older series of anker power banks, Powercore+ is one of the latest anker power bank available in the market with an increase capacity of 13400 mAh which is an increased advantage to the users and this capacity is more than astro e4 series power banks. Another cool feature that I like about Anker Powercore+ is that it supports Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 which is an advance technique to charge your power bank in less time. While the astro e4 series power banks does not support Quick Charge feature.Moreover both the Astro e4 and PowerCore+ come at approximately the same price then why not buy Powercore+ with extra features added.

Important Advice: Buy from the only official Anker Seller-AnkerDirect

As I have already discussed that there are a lot of sellers in the market that are selling old Anker Power banks at the same price rates. Moreover some are selling cheap power banks too which can be fake too.

I advise you not to buy power banks from road side. They can be fake power banks which might harm your smartphone,your power bank and even you as well.Fake Power Banks might cost you less but in the end the results that they give are disastrous. Here There is a seller called AnkerDirect, a trusted seller and having a lot of good reviews at amazon which delivers the best and genuine products at correct prices with full warranty as applicable on Anker Power Banks devices.


Anker is a big name in the power bank market. Anker has released several versions of the power bank in the market. First they released Anker Astro e4 power banks and then they released Power core power bank by anker. After wards they released a newer and advanced version of power banks called as Powercore+. In Astro power core+ battery pack there is a 13400 mAh capacity which is increased than the previous versions.The Anker Powercore+ also has a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology which charges the smartphone in lesser time provided the smartphone also supports quick charging.

As Anker has not discontinued any of it spower bank series from the markets. That’s Why there is an ambiguous situation in the market and some people take advantage of it by selling older versions of Anker Power Banks at the same price instead of selling people a newer Power core+ power bank.

For the ease of my readers,I have included the various versions of Anker Power Banks released by Anker so that by going through this table, you can make a decision of buying the correct power bank according to your requirements.


Hope My guide to know everything about Anker Power Banks has helped you to make your buying decision.

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