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Intex PB-4K 4000mAH Power Bank Review(White)

So, friends we are back with another pro review of Power Banks. This time we have decided to make a review for those people who don’t carry two smartphones at the same time and also for those who are having less budget. The beast is Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank.

Intex is not a new company in manufacturing power bank products. There are several other products too of Intex which are pretty good like Intex it pb-11k Power Bank. Now without further talks let us dive deep in to Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank review.

Intex Power Bank Review

Well in order to buy a power bank we have to look at a lot of factors so that our lives get simplified with the product. So, we have reviewed the Intex power bank and are making you available our review.

Capacity of Intex pb-4k Power Bank

Now a days the usage of smartphone is increasing day by day and because of the high usage battery gets consumed faster. Intex pb-4k Power Bank Solves this problem fully. The Intex Power Bank has 4000mAh capacity which can charge you mobile phone of battery capacity 2000 or 2500mAh.

The Intex pb-4k Power Bank don’t have much battery capacity but it is helpful in situations when you are going on a tour or so and need urgent charging.

Portability and Product Dimensions of Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank

The product dimensions of Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank are 8.5 x 2.3 x 4.5 cm and its weight is 109 grams which makes it one of the most light weight power banks available in the market.

Because of its very low weight you can easily keep the Intex Power Bank in your pocket or bag etc. Thus its light weight feature makes it portable than any other Power Bank.

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Output port in Intex Power Bank

The Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank has one output port with 5V 1A specifications. This can be a shortcoming if you are buying a power bank to charge two smartphones at the same time.

One important thing that you should notice while buying the Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank is that you have to use a usb cable to charge smartphone as well as the power bank.

Design and Looks of Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank

Another important thing that everyone take care a lot now a days is the design of the gadget and the looks. Well Intex pb-4k 4000 mAh Power Bank has a trendy look and excellent design. As it can be kept in pocket, so it is a very good choice when seen from the perspective of stylish looks and classy design.

Safety Features that come with Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank

One of the most important and over looked feature while buying a power bank is the protection that you get from it. It is our duty to have a look at various protections that come with the power bank.

With the Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank there comes over charging protection which is a huge advantage to the users. It ensures that the device gets charged as soon as it is connected with the power bank (Power bank gets turned on automatically as soon as your smartphone is connected to it).

LED Lights and Torch in Intex Power Bank

In almost every power bank we have LED Lights that are present and one more cool thing that is present now a days is the Torch.

The Intex pb-4k 4000 mAh Power Bank has four LED Lights which are used to indicate the level of power contained in the power bank. This feature is helpful when you are going our for  a party or any other stuff, then by knowing the level of power you can roam freely.

The Intex pb-4k 4000mAh Power Bank also has a very cool feature which is torch. You can use torch when you are travelling to a dark place, planning to go on adventures, picnics or college trips etc. It can become very handy at times and serves a huge advantage.

Price of Intex pb-4k Power Bank

At starting also we told that this is a very cheap power bank and that’s why capacity is low too.

The Power Bank is priced well under budget.

Warranty of Intex pb-4k Power Bank

The Intex pb-4k 4000 mAh Power Bank has 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

It has over 900 Customer reviews with an average rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars on amazon.

Hope you liked our Intex pb-4k 4000mah Power Bank review.

Updated: May 19, 2018 — 2:17 am

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